Tralian's Wikipedia article can be found by clicking on the logo below
                                                  LUCRECIA'S SON
           Tralian is Italian, Irish, and Cuban, and was born in Brooklyn in 1957

         Tralian's USPTO pioneer patent can be found by clicking on the seal below.

                                                    AND FOR DESIGN

  Tralian's performance entitled 'BIRTH' can be found by clicking on the photo below.


        Tralian's Symphony #1 Eyes of the Blind, dedicated to the Yazidis can be found  by clicking on the photo below.

                                             Promotional video below  

                       Tralian explains the Flag System of the Expansion Principle below


                 Meet the most advanced stringed instrumentalist on the planet
     Maestro Tralian holds a new music theory, universal methodology, and design patents
       that are recognized by not just one, but 3 musical patent examiners in CHIEF of the United States of America.

        Tralian is the first in music history to invent, craft, and patent, a new fine art classical instrument called a trillo. He is the only one true inventor of a new method of playing the fretboard like a piano, and has spent over three decades designing and building the diamond instrument, the only instrument of this shape in the world, which design functions as a counterbalance to the posture of playing the classical trillo with parallel hands.

            The trillo arrives
with a new method of playing a fretted stringed instrument termed trilling. The masterpiece encompasses the Expansion Principle which appears as symbols that run across a hollowed fretboard of a unique, and beautiful diamond shaped winged body. 

                               THE CLASSICAL TRILLO AMBIETA and TRALIAN














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